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Notary Services(Dubai Court)

Services - Notary Services(Dubai Court) Notary Services Dubai is on the path of constant growth and the government is relaxing the policies on legal matters. Notary services in Dubai are offered by registered lawyers to individuals who need to attest documents, notarize certain contracts, authenticate signatures or handle documents like wills. The services of a Dubai notary are requested both by individuals and companies that want to conclude arrangements or business transactions.

Our attorneys in Dubai can help you with the following notary services in Dubai:

Emirates Professional Services provides a broad range of legal services, which include comprehensive business oriented legal recommendations and solutions to its local and international clients. Our law professionals have in depth knowledge in legal practices and technical abilities to support clients in the Middle East to recommend solutions, which assist them to successfully deal with the challenges of the contemporary business. Our strong practice areas are labor, corporate & commercial, banking, maritime & transport, litigation & arbitration and real estate.

We offer our expertise and assistance for business incorporation & have successfully incorporated all forms of entities in the UAE like sole establishments, general partnerships, limited liability companies, public joint stock companies, and free zone companies across the UAE. Our law team is having expertise in drafting, reviewing and opining on financial lending, acquisition finance, project and other structured finance transactions.

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