Dubai Golden Visa: ECH Digital Makes History

June 1, 2024
Golden Visa

Golden Visa Floor, ECH DIGITAL, DUBAI

June 1st, 2024, 3.30pm

ECH Digital is set to make history on June 1, 2024, by awarding the prestigious Dubai Golden Visa to outstanding individuals from six different categories in a single day. This monumental event celebrates the remarkable contributions and achievements of professionals in diverse fields, recognizing their influence and dedication.

The Honorees:

  1. Mr. Yasir Arafath – An esteemed animator and videographer with MediaOne, known for his innovative visual storytelling and exceptional talent in the media industry.
  2. Mr. Theodros Teshome Kebede – Renowned Ethiopian filmmaker, recognized globally for impactful movies, showcasing cultural and social narratives.
  3. Mr. Azhar Vlogs – Influential social media figure inspires millions, shaping trends and content in the digital sphere.
  4. Ms. Sari Gopinadhan – Distinguished film producer lauded for industry contributions and role in creating critically acclaimed cinematic masterpieces.
  5. Ms. Jasmine Amabalathiklakath – An accomplished author, poet, and writer, whose literary works have touched hearts and minds, earning her a dedicated readership.
  6. Mr. Yoonus Ali – Innovative business luminary drives success and growth, leaving a significant impact on the business landscape
  7. Ms. Hafsath Tholamannil – A successful businesswoman whose entrepreneurial spirit and leadership have made a substantial impact in her industry.
  8. Ms. Shifa Badhusha – A talented film artist, recognized for her versatile performances and contributions to the cinematic arts.

About the Dubai Golden Visa:

The Golden Visa is a prestigious accolade, granting long-term residency to individuals who have made significant contributions to their fields and society. This award not only honors their achievements but also encourages continued excellence and innovation.

Event Highlights:

The event will feature a grand ceremony, celebrating the recipients’ achievements with speeches, presentations, and performances. It will be attended by industry leaders, dignitaries, and media representatives, making it a landmark occasion for ECH Digital and the honorees.

Join us in celebrating these exceptional individuals and their contributions to their respective fields. Stay tuned for more updates and exclusive coverage of this historic event on June 1, 2024.

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