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Services - RTA Services

Before starting a business in UAE it is necessary to get RTA (Roads and Transport Authority) approval. Many activities require RTA approval before getting License from Department of Economic Development. RTA approval is needed at the time of license renewal as well. ECH can make arrangements to get RTA approval for:

  • Cargo transport by heavy trucks
  • Cargo transport by light trucks
  • Special rental cars
  • Rental of heavy machinery & lifting/loading machines
  • Passenger transport by rented buses
  • Transporting of cash, jewellery & valuable items
  • Bus rental
  • Car rental
  • Truck rental
  • Transporting water
  • Vehicle transport
  • Chiller/cooler transport
  • Special carry cars
  • Transport of specialized vehicle
  • Transport of petroleum materials
  • Transport by tour buses
  • Gas tanker rental
  • Mobile house rental
  • Bicycle & motorcycle rental
  • Money and valuables transport services
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